Stockx Adidas Brand History

  Adi Dassler, the founder of adidas, was a German athlete with skills as a shoemaker. Not only did he fully understand the needs of athletes, but he also had exquisite shoemaking skills and inventive genius; During his lifetime, he invented more than 700 sports-related patented products, which went on to create the adidas sportswear empire. Adi Dassler began to make stockx adidas by hand in 1920. The stockx adidas he designed are loved by many top sports players. Athletes from all countries in the world often wear the stockx adidas made by Adi Dassler and win honors in the Olympic Games. His fame gradually spread through the international sports world. Adi Dassler founded the adidas brand in 1948. Based on his years of experience in making shoes, he found that the three lines on the side of the stockx adidas could make the sneaker fit the athlete's foot shape better and integrated them into the design of new shoes. The first stockx adidas with three lines was released in 1949. Since then, people have seen stockx adidas "three Lines of victory" in sports fields set up by the picture of victory.

  Stockx Adidas Goals

  Stockx adidas goal of the organization is to lead the sporting goods industry, which has built its brand on stockx adidas passion and sports lifestyle, to anticipate and meet the needs of consumers and customers, constantly striving to create a culture of innovation, challenging itself, breaking the rules and embracing change. By leveraging this culture, we push the boundaries of stockx adidas, services and processes, strengthen our competitiveness and maximize the group's operations. Committed to meet the full range of customer and consumer needs, to ensure the availability of stockx adidas in the right size and color, improve the level of technological innovation, to achieve high-end fashion, high quality standards of stockx adidas.

  Stockx Adidas Brands

  Today, adidas still adheres to Adi Dassler's ideal of making perfect stockx adidas. Adidas constantly exchanges ideas and needs with world-class athletes and coaches, and develops ergonomic stockx adidas through a series of repeated tests and tests. stockx adidas can not only help all kinds of professional athletes to improve their sports performance, but also meet the needs of the general market consumers for high-quality sports goods. In recent years, stockx adidas has not only made new breakthroughs in design and functionality, but also set off another wave of fashion trends with the representative three-line design concept, which has swept the current young generation into a new fashion and style, leading the global sports products to a more diversified vision. Maybe stockx adidas is because each classic series has a unique story. In people's eyes, stockx adidas are always so full of connotation and always full of fresh vitality and fashion. In the fall of 2002, stockx adidas was first released in China in limited edition. From shoes, clothing to accessories, each is the design of the boutique, let the trend of people fondle admiringly.

  Adidas's Hot Shoes

  Adidas is also one of the best sportswear brands in the world. After making a hit with shell shoes and Smith, adidas made great efforts to develop the black technology "Boost". This foam ball is so popular with the public with excellent rebound feedback that it beat nike in a certain period to complete the reverse attack. One of adidas's greatest moments was the collaboration with Kanye West -- stockx yeezy, which became a fixture in everyone's shoe cabinet thanks to the novelty of the shoe shape and the boost to comfortable feet. Here's a look back at the secret weapon that helped adidas beat nike: YEEZY

  1.Stockx Yeezy 350 V2

  The yeezy 350 V2 looks pretty much the same as the original stockx yeezy 350. People who don't know seem to think it's just a shoe with a different name, but it's not. Keep reading! The first five colors of stockx yeezy 350 V2 are similar to those of the 350 in terms of shoe shape. The yeezy 350 V2 eliminates the strap design of the heel, making the whole shoe more simple and elegant. The suede inside the 350 upper is also removed for the sake of color uniformity. The stockx yeezy 350 V2, however, features a different stripe that says' SPLY -- 350 'and adidas's iconic three-bar Logo on the inside of the heel. It also has 3M reflective effects. The only thing that can't be denied is that after the removal of the strap design, the stability of the heel is really not good at all. After two steps, the toe will be too soft to stand up. Therefore, the strap design was re-added in the "black and red" of stockx yeezy 350 V2, and the iconic stripes of V2 were changed to the same color as the overall color. The words "PLi-350" in the shoes were still retained.

  2.Stockx Adidas Ultra Boost 6.0

  As long as it is in the pit running ranks, the purchase frequency of running shoes will not stop. Indeed, a good pair of running shoes can not only ensure the speed of movement, but also ensure the safety of movement. Torsion System bars between the heel and front sole are both recommended for Torsion between the front and back feet as well as mid-sole support. The three-stripe design of the foot can give users a stable support. Stockx adidas important thing is boost midsole technology, which is lightweight, soft, yet spring-like, and delivers great performance regardless of ambient temperature, giving you energy for your movements.

  3.Stockx Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0

  Adidas ub4.0 appearance design, also made some breakthrough in its white color classics, for example, in the shoe body fabric design adopted a large hollow out design modelling, and the fabric line feeling more changed, so increase the simple sense of the shoes from the vision, and the design has good ventilation effect, wearing comfort can be secure. Meanwhile, the boost midsole technology in the sole allows stockx adidas boot 4.0 to continue to improve shape and wear, so the functionality of the shoe is still perfect.

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