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      The Nike logo is a small hook. fake dunk has always regarded it as an honorable mission to inspire every athlete around the world and offer them the best products. Stockx nike pioneering air-cushion technology revolutionized the sports world. Stockx nike made with this technology can well protect the athletes' knees and reduce the impact on the knees when they are doing strenuous sports and landing. In the sports competition category, it is obvious that stockx nike is relatively top, and the air cushion type is loved by many people. The leading level of fake dunk has long been recognized by customers. Its superior versatility ensures a variety of sports, and the unexpectedly diversified design has also won the title of the first sports brand. You can know this from some big brands, such as stockx jordan, which is recognized by many people. It belongs to the brand of nike. The excellence of nike is reflected in stockx jordan.The well-known hook-shaped graphic of the best Nike logo was purchased by best Nike for $35 from the academic office of an Atlanta design program department.

           In the mid-1990s, due to the popularity of American street culture, Stockx nike dunk low was not only satisfied with the success in the common sports industry, but also planned to expand its production and diversify into street X-GAME (extreme sports). When it comes to street culture and sports brands, Stockx nike dunk low at the time was just a second- or third-rate brand. NIKE company realized that wanting to make a name for itself in street sports requires not only good quality and top technology, but also the biggest problem in publicity.

           So they decided to use the same strategy they did in basketball back then, which was to use celebrities to say their stockx nike dunk low. After that, Nike selected the most common and most popular X-GAME: SKATEBOARD (skateboard) as the entry point into the joint culture. They signed the very famous zoo york skateboard team at a high price as their leader in the skateboarding industry. The publicity strategy is well thought out, but there is a big gap in market positioning, that is, in terms of high-tech content, nikie products include stockx nike dunk low url and Stockx nike dunk low E-CUE, these two pairs of professional skateboard shoes are both The use of the latest zoom air aquare insole technology of stockx nike dunk low at that time allows users to more clearly feel the shock absorption effect of air, as well as the latest stockx nike dunk low wear-resistant materials and breathable materials.

           Stockx nike dunk low is positioned as a professional-level skateboarder. But there are no products at the low end. NIKE immediately realized this problem, because nike knows that in the market they need to occupy, the low end is the most important battlefield, and consumers at this level. They occasionally engage in skateboarding for entertainment, but don't require as much skill as the pros. But one pays attention to practicality and style so that it can be worn on a daily basis. At this time, nike saw the success of air force one (Air Force One) in the retro market, and couldn't help but think of the stockx nike dunk low. In terms of market life, af11 is nearing its end, but the darling of the market, Stockx nike dunk low has not been developed at all. NIKE's designers plan to launch an improved version of the Stockx nike dunk low to fill the positioning vacancy of nike in the skateboarding industry.

           At this time, Nike also paid attention to the market potential of stockx nike dunk low. They designed a new shoe stockx nike dunk low "HOYA" based on air jordan one for georgetown university. The most attractive place for this shoe is that The conspicuous letters "HOYA" (the version on sale is "NIKE") are printed on the heel, and the blue and gray special color matching (the color of the team's uniform) is exaggerated and rebellious, accompanied by calm and self-confidence. These The characteristics make this pair of shoes deeply loved by the players. Soon the strong teams in the ncaa required their own team shoes, and it was for this reason that the stockx nike dunk low series was produced. The stockx nike dunk low was released in eight colors representing eight teams including the university of north Carolina, the university of arizona and the university of arkansas. In terms of design, Terminator and Stockx nike dunk low are the same, both are based on the Air Jordan 1 generation.

           Therefore, Terminator is the originator of stockx nike dunk low. It is a very valuable collection for all lovers of street culture, especially loyal sneakers. Can Terminator shake the market position of Stockx nike dunk low and become a retro? The new leader of the trend still needs the test of time.

           In fact, the status of stockx nike dunk low was not high back then, and it could not be compared with the overlord air force 1 of nike basketball shoes, or even Terminator...

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