Stockx Nike Dunk Origin

  The fake dunk was originally a pair of basketball shoes that stuck well to the ground. Zoom Air stands for "impact cushion," better known as Zoom, and is often used on stockx dunk's top sneakers as cushioning. For stockx dunk, the stockx nike dunk, though simple in design and low-tech by today's standards, is a pair of shoes for the next century. By the mid - '90s, stockx dunk was not content with its success in common sports because of the popularity of American street culture, and decided to expand its production into street X-Game (extreme sports). When it comes to street culture and sports brands, stockx dunk was a second - or third-rate brand. Stockx nike dunk realized that making a name for itself in street sports wasn't just about quality and cutting-edge technology, it was about publicity.

       So they decided to use the same tactic they used in basketball, which was to use celebrity sneakers to tag them. Stockx nike Dunk then chose one of the most common and popular X-games of all time: SKATEBOARD as its entry point into the connector culture. They signed the then famous ZOO YORK skateboard team for a large sum of money as their voice in the skateboarding world. The publicity strategy is well planned, but there is a big gap in the market positioning. In terms of high-tech content, fake dunk's products include URL and E-CUE. These two pairs of professional skateboard shoes all use stockx dunk's latest ZOOM AIR SQUARE insole technology at that time, so that users can more obviously feel the shock absorption effect of AIR. And the latest wear resistant materials and breathable materials.

  The Origin Of The Stockx Nike Dunk Sb

  After more than a decade in which the original shoes were hard to find, stockx dunk began recreating the original shoes. In particular, the revival of dunk in the late '90s, which was only available in tsuharajuku's trendy stores, took the dunk retro trend to a new high, with AF1 and dunk becoming staples of the street mix. In 2001, stockx nike dunk decided to enter SKATEBOARDING and invited some of the biggest names in the SKATEBOARDING world to design a new pair of shoes. The original pair of shoes were decided dunk. Based on the regular dunk, the shoes were slightly enlarged, with a thick tongue and a ZOOM AIR on the insole.

  The Classification Of Sb

  1.Stockx Dunk Low

  Dunk sb Low stands for dunk sb low, which is popular with young people. And very easy to match, basically is a versatile style, just a pair of sweatpants are more beautiful. The dunk sb Low, as a durable home skate shoe, is Air cushioning with a durable Air Zoom distribution on both front and back palms. The dunk sb Low feels a lot better than the AJ1. Quite a few skateboard options like this configuration, which is one of the reasons fake dunk sb is so popular right now

  2.Stockx Dunk High

  Get back to reality - play your school traditions and tell stories about your school. Since its inception in 1985, the stockx dunk series has been driven by a commitment to a sporty campus ethos. Back in the day, seven college basketball teams bucked tradition by matching the dunk shoes they wore with their uniforms for the first time. From that day on, the frenzy of colors spirals out of control, and stockx nike dunk is the perfect embodiment of personal style

  Best-Selling Reason

  For stockx dunk, too much emphasis on technology makes no sense. Just like postage stamps, they should not only be concerned with their mailing function, but also their cultural status. Celebrity talk, super limited, cross-level cooperation... stockx dunk shows what sneakers can do. It is a typical interpretation of the relationship between pop and classic: simple rules, but endless changes, on the basis of a classic, as the fusion and embodiment of new culture and new trend. Sneaker went from being a simple Sneaker to being a vehicle, a medium, for a culture. And it will remain an important representative of Sneaker culture for a long time to come

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