Stockx jordan 11 is an stockx joddan basketball shoe designed and produced by jordan Company, released in 1996. Inspired by a lawn mower casing, the shoes are soled for better performance on the court. Stockx jordan 11 himself has publicly expressed his love for the 11th generation more than once.

  The Stockx Air jordan  11 Story

  Today, after many years, people are still talking about the perfect performance of stockx jordan 11. In 2008, the black and red Fake Jordan 11 bundled gold buckle 12 was released, which once again triggered a buying boom. What many people don't know is that when the stockx jordan 11 generation was released in 1996, there was an even more terrible rush to grab shoes in the US. With only a limited number of shoes available, disappointment and anger spread to the shoeless when people who had queued for hours to get their hands on their preferred shoes heard that they were sold out. Finally, some crazy sneaker fans made a robbery. Police interrogated arrested prisoners, and many even said they were willing to take risks if they could get what they wanted.Stockx joddan himself initially saw 11 generation was also immediately deeply attracted to it, and asked nike to provide their own shoes for the game in the playoffs that year, love, can be seen. The flying King we are familiar with has always been the man of god  wearing the no. 23 jersey, but this pair of 11th generation was born at a special time, giving birth to the sample version with the word 45 embroidered on the heel

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  The stockx jordan 11 generation didn't initially bring the Flyers and chicago much luck. In the summer of 1995, michael jordan returned late and the team fell to shaq and The orlando magic led by mike hardway. That was the only time in all of jordan's playoff trips in the 1990s that the Bulls were eliminated. But the next year, the comeback team went 72-10 in the regular season and won the nba Finals for the second time in a row. At that time, at the foot of the flying man, is also the favorite of the AJ fans for life, the stockx jordan 11. In 2001, the third time comeback stockx jordan in a wizards and magic team after the game, the game wearing 01 copy of the white gray stockx jordan 11 signed his name, gave the outstanding performance on the spot magic star m. "These are my favorite shoes," Stockx Jordan said. "For the young man who has done so well to deserve them..." The latter mcGrady was even more flattered, said he would keep the stockx jordan 11 like a dream.

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