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  In 1985, michael jordan was signed by nike, a small manufacturer of sports goods at that time, and nike then launched the first shoe named "JORDAN" for jordan, namely the first fake air jordan series:nike air jordan I -- despite the odd color scheme and technology at the time, no one could have imagined that this shoe would be the beginning of a myth. 24 years later, fake air jordan 1 series of basketball shoes has become the world's best basketball shoes series. In the spring and autumn of these 24 years, Jordan experienced two comebacks and three retirements; In the spring and autumn of this 24 years, stockx air jordan series has also experienced numerous storms.

  About Stockx Air Jordan 1 Product Introduction

  Air jordan1 is nike's "God of basketball" Bykel. jordan designed a pair of signature basketball shoes, in the technology and appearance design of innovation, throw the original shoe design concept, with excellent appearance design and nike's built-in Air SOL. The air cushion, and the fine for violating the BA's regulations, made fake air jordan 1 popular and popular, with sales of $130 million that year, selling 2.3 million pairs, making it a miracle in the history of athletic shoes and a legendary pair of shoes in people's hearts. Nike released 197 fake air jordan 1 high models in different colors in 2018, which means a new fake air jordan 1 high was released every 44.5 hours in 2018. The 197-model jordan 1 high stockx has sold more than 300,000 pairs on stockx for a cumulative $92 million, more than six times that of the Air force1, according to StockX. In 2018, nike reported revenue of $36.397 billion. Sales in Greater China exceeded 5 billion yuan for the first time. It reached $5.134 billion. Fake air jordan 1 high has made great contributions to it. Recently, stockx air jordan 1 consumers mainly focus on children, teenagers and youth, which shows that the population of order stockx jordan 1 covers A large area.

  How About The Jordan 1 High Stockx?

  Jordan 1 high stockx, born in the 1980s, is not only the beginning of air jordan series, but also the prelude to Jordan and nike's glorious history. After 31 years of precipitation, with a number of matching colors of jordan 1 high stockx has been released, both loyal to the first year of the classic, but also have a unique innovation, this classic shoes for us to show too many unforgettable memories. The upper leather design inherits the classic appearance, shaping the excellent sense of structure and durability. The heel is equipped with nike Air cushioning configuration, which is especially light and responsive, creating a comfortable foot feeling of hard rubber outsole, providing a stable grip that can control a variety of ground. The vamp is decorated with Wings logo, stitched Swoosh logo, the toe Air vent design, and foam midsole.

There are good support and protection, and jordan 1 high stockx all series, is originally known for strong traction, and do not pick indoor and outdoor, is a very durable shoes. And the overall shoe body is lighter, and there is even a Zoom version. In fact, even without the Zoom version, the original Air Sole cushioning technology is stable enough! In all series of jordan 1 high stockx summary,  jordan 1 high stockx OG High is copied the most times, is also the most abundant joint name of the sneaker. Many people are asking whether the Fake Jordan 1 can be the current combat option. In fact, from actual combat, it is completely possible. First of all,  jordan 1 high stockx has good support and protection, and stockx jordan all series,  jordan 1 high stockx is originally known for strong traction, and do not pick indoor and outdoor, is a very durable shoes. In addition, the jordan 1 high stockx has a lighter overall shoe body, and there is even a Zoom version. In fact, even without the Zoom version, the original Air Sole cushioning technology of the jordan 1 high stockx OG High is stable enough.

  How To Match The Air Jordan 1 High

  As the  fake air jordan 1 high series can be said to be the most versatile style, jordan 1 high stockx has always been the first choice for the trend of Boys & Girls out of the street, after all, it can achieve 100% perfect match with any type of clothing! But you might think that what celebrities wear is not acceptable at times, and that most of the clothes they shoot on the street are a bit too loud for ordinary people to wear. In fact, as long as we usually wear jeans, we can match Fake Jordan 1. There are not too many requirements and regulations, but boys with long legs will look slim when wearing jordan 1 high stockx. Maybe long legs are more suitable for wearing jordan 1 high stockx.But if you have thick legs, you can also wear loose pants to drive the jordan 1 high stockx!

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