Stockx Air Jordan 1 Mid

  •   Stockx Air Jordan Brand Introduction

      Nike's brand is named after Michael jordan, the famous NBA player of all time. Stockx jordan was founded in 1985, the core of the product lies in the perfect combination of athletes and technology, michael jordan, the most dazzling superstar in the history of basketball, and the basketball shoes with the brilliant career of the superstar. Stockx jordan is a nike brand named after michael jordan, the most famous NBA player of all time. In 1985, michael jordan  with high salary contract was then small manufacturer of sports goods manufacturer nike signed to its subsidiary, nike more immediately launched the first jordan named shoes, namely the first stockx jordan series. Although the shoe had a strange color scheme and new technology at the time, no one could have imagined that it would be the beginning of a myth.

      Stockx Air Jordan 1 Shoe Features

      It uses a very rare pearly wing logo design, and the only all-white personality design, as well as a new sole design that looks more valuable, transparent rubber material, and more importantly, stockx jordan 1 uses the original Flying man logo, which has not appeared after three generations of jordan. The commemorative Edition of the jordan Generation also replaces the original double hook with two large silver flying man logos.

      Stockx Air Jordan 1 Mid Introduction

      Stockx jordan 1 mid series has become an eternal legend on the basketball court. Now Fake Jordan 1 carries the traditional glory and perfectly combines the charm of the first year with innovative elements. With exquisite, simple design and unique details to create enough to match jordan brand and flying spirit of comfort, fit and air permeability. Stockx air jordan 1 mid series has become an eternal legend on the basketball court. Now stockx jordan 1 mid carries the traditional glory, perfectly combines the charm of the first year with innovative elements, and creates comfort, fit and air permeability that can match the stockx air jordan 1 mid brand and flying spirit with delicate and simple design combined with ingenious details. The classic stockx air jordan 1 mid cushion and the "AIR JORDAN wings" logo evoke the memories of flying fans and stockx jordan shoe fans all the time, worthy of your collection. The stockx air jordan 1 mid men's sneakers are inspired by the first stockx jordan 1 mid to help follow michael jordan's legendary path. Shoe money with simple classic material clever take novel match color, infuse fashionable breath for classic design.

      Stockx Air Jordan 1 Mid Color Matching

      This stockx air jordan 1 mid with The detroit Pistons color to carry through the whole body, jumping blue shoes deduce an excellent cool texture, but also with the brilliant record of flying. The "AIR JORDAN Wings" logo on the outside of the collar is full of ambition, echoing with the red toe and outsole, and highlighting the white SWOOSH logo. The wonderful pistons color scheme will make you fall in love at first sight and help you lock the focus of attention at all times.

      Stockx Air Jordan 1 Mid  Damping

      stockx jordan 1 mid equipped with built-in air cushion, soft, comfortable cushion-effect perfect to defend the stable state of the feet, for takeoff, emergency stop and landing on the field action to provide the most reliable protection, even in the face of today's more intense battle, still can help you to win the advantage of the field.

      Stockx Air Jordan 1 Mid Grip

      The design of hard rubber outsole combined with curved groove and circular grain brings first-class grip and wear resistance, extraordinary effect makes every shot of your hand full of bullet, the upper of the head layer cowhide, fabric and artificial leather combination, soft and comfortable to wear. The air  vent design of the toe improves the air circulation inside the shoe, the deep bending groove and concentric circle pattern strengthen the grip and wear resistance, the "AIR JORDAN wings" logo on the outside of the shoe collar, and the flying man logo on the heel.

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