•   Stockx air jordan 4 is the fourth pair of nike Jordan series basketball shoes, was born in 1988, is a very classic air jordan series, so that this series has the soul, and stockx air jordan 4 upper basket net shoelace buckle is famous in the world.Air jordan series is the most successful basketball shoes series, each pair of shoes in this series has been recorded in history, become classic. However, even great products are not perfect from the beginning, stockx jordan series is no exception. If the original air jordan series mainly do superficial efforts, then from the stockx jordan 4, this series finally has a real soul.

             Source Of Stockx Air Jordan 4

        The appearance of air jordan 4 made it clear for the first time that stockx jordan 4 series and Flight series would complement each other and learn from each other. At the same time, it also put forward the concept of guard basketball shoes for the first time. In the days when Force basketball shoes dominated the market, the nascent Flight series was weak. Flight symbolized Flight. The Flight series was used by flyers who worked over backboards. Fake Jordan 4 and air Flight 89, released in 1989, became the first two pairs of shoes to use the Flight logo. The appearance of these two pairs of shoes also heralded the birth of the Flight series. Although air jordan 4 is the only pair of air jordan basketball shoes with the word "Flight" appearing so far, the design concept of Flight series is fully integrated into the design of stockx jordan 4 series, which also makes airJordan series develop in the direction of lightweight and speed. This spirit of forever flying has been deeply integrated into the soul of stockx jordan 4 series. It can be said that air jordan 4 is like a rebirth of the whole air jordan series, or a nirvana.

        Stockx Air Jordan 4 Product Background

        At the end of the 1980s, due to the design and manufacturing process is not up to the requirements, the complex structure of air cushion basketball shoes must bring unnecessary weight, and affect the player's play, these shortcomings in the first three generations of airJordan basketball shoes can also be seen, although from stockx jordan 4 has begun to use the external air cushion, But weight and comfort have come at a cost. This is not in line with JORDAN's basketball style, and the same product is increasingly unable to satisfy consumers. Under such historical background, a new stockx air jordan 4 product is introduced to the market.

        The idea behind the Stockx Air Jordan 4

       before there were stockx air jordan 4 basketball shoes have always been with heavy figure appeared in front of people, whereas in the past only appear in the net surface material appeared for the first time on the running shoes on the basketball shoes, the material not only greatly reduce the shoe weight, liberation of the wearer's feet, the most important thing is make basketball shoes permeability has a qualitative change, Athletes no longer have to wear airtight "boots" to compete in the court, and the flexibility of the net surface material also makes the stockx jordan 4 extension has a great improvement, for the athletes to change and start the auxiliary role of significantly improved. These are the great reform of air jordan 4, or the reform of air jordan 4 to the whole basketball industry, a small idea has promoted the development of the whole basketball shoes.

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