Stockx Nike Air Force 1 Low

stockx air force 1 shoes introduction

    stockx air force 1 is a sneaker produced by nike. Launched in 1982, the Air Force 1 is deeply rooted in the game of basketball. Six basketball players have been selected to endorse the shoe: Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mychal Thompson and Calvin Natt, hand-picked defensive experts who have brought the shoe to the world. Classic poster, tough stance, Malone and his partners show the six elements of stockx air force 1 success: grandeur, durability, transcendence, boldness, coherence, purity

Brand Features

     The fake air force 1 has always been rooted in the refined craftsmanship of Nike technology. With this in mind, the "top six" footwear and apparel will follow the general guidelines set by the Air Force 1 collection. In addition, there are six specially designed pairs of Air Force 1 Lo sneakers, with each member of the "Original Six" emblazoned with a portrait badge. An important design element of the "Top Six" apparel is a descriptive language that captures each member's stadium style. Through this method, the influence of the "top six" on the cultural spirit of AF1 can be effectively clarified. Moses Malone gave the stockx air force 1 a pompous vibe, the shoe's durability was inspired by Jamal Wilkes, and Michael Cooper showed the drive to keep pushing beyond the next level. Mitchell Thompson's court style in The Original Six best reflects AF1's heroic stance, while the coherence of the boot is best reflected in Bobby Jones' court style. And the best interpretation of the purity of stockx air force 1 is Calvin Knight in "Original Six".

Big, durable, extraordinary, bold, coherent and pure, these qualities are infused into the "Original Six" Air Force One collection. Each of these words is a level of technology that requires true design and innovation to create exceptional performance.

stockx air force 1 configuration

      The air cushion of stockx air force 1 (mostly) is a built-in 3/4 air-sole unit, which is thin and tough, and the shock absorption is relatively average. The embedded method is placed in the inner structure, configuration, craftsmanship and many other aspects of the midsole, and it is destined that it will hardly burst. In recent years, some supreme-level products have used air max air cushions, which further improves the comfort of the products.

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