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  Stockx yeezy is a shoe line designed by Kanye And Smith, not only by nike, but also by Adidas. yeezy, is stockx nike air yeezy rap first shoe. The air stockx yeezy's distinctive "Y" pattern is repeated throughout the sneaker, either in a concave design or laser engraving, a pattern treatment co-designed by Kanye West and Smith. There's a lot of competition in the sneaker world, and the hottest shoe of recent times has to be Kanye West's stockx yeezy Boost line.

     "YEEZY boost" is a sneaker, not a basketball shoe, that the whole world is wearing.

  Stockx Yeezy Keeps Innovating

  Stockx yeezy is inspired by Kanye West's passion for creativity, incorporating nike's innovations in design and performance.Stockx yeezy has been tested and tweaked in various arenas around the world, challenging tradition by incorporating classic elements from the past to create something unique that only nike SPORTSWEAR can do. Kanye West is known for his boundless energy on and off stage, so stockx yeezy has to be there for Kanye West from start to finish. Throughout the development of stockx yeezy, designers have taken great pains in terms of how to achieve extreme comfort. Ankle collar granules with a concave design provide greater support and protection. Super thick insole, front foot support band, original functional elastic shoelace buckle, the shoes follow the 1987 nike air ASSAULT shoemaking process, but using PHYLON to replace the original PU material, to increase the stockx yeezy performance and comfort of the stockx yeezy. The integration of all the design details has one goal in mind: the stockx yeezy will always be soft and comfortable for Kanye West's feet, while he has been performing his many live shows with passion.

  Stockx Yeezy Technology

  Stockx yeezy adopted the weaving technique combined with flexible adjustable heel, sex is very strong, make the whole shoes package shoe fit tightly with your feet at the same time very soft, wearing very comfortable, palm boost bottom, the foot feels explosion can make you feel like on a cotton candy and feeling, the summer boy shorts girls with small skirt is very good-looking, stockx yeezy makes the whole leg of the lower body appear very thin, which is the advantage of this pair of stockx yeezy!

  Stockx yeezy focus on the exploration and creation of street trends, is committed to the most fashionable, coolest, as well as the most hardcore, the most fresh creative design, for the dare to play, distinct personality, social attributes of the consumer group to bring a full range of three-dimensional comfortable fashion wear experience. The main products are stockx yeezy sports shoes, including woven series, mesh series and other products. The core of its stockx yeezy lies in the continuous and innovation of product research and development, launching woven series, net cloth series of sports shoes.

  From The Stockx Yeezy Line

  1. Stockx Yeezy 350

  Factories in cow isn't going to be what kind of shoes do well, but the general factory is a two compare to do cattle shoe money, it also caused the market version is numerous, different shoe money to do the best version, let you don't know how to choose, today the author is to introduce the current for each series of coconut shoes what version to do the best. Coconut stockx yeezy series 350, if it's old color choose og version as materials, the most important thing is that og version of the sole is the best material, is I now tried the foot feels the best, of course, not to say that all the coconut 350 og version match colors are the best, like three qualified color outsole og version have off color is not recommended to choose og version, Chromatic aberration is a difficult problem to solve, each version more or less has chromatic aberration, we also compared many versions to determine this version of Lao Wang, three limited color matching the least chromatic aberration

  2. Stockx Yeezy 700

  After the peak of pure white yeezy, the stockx yeezy collection also took a break. And just when the Chunky Sneaker trend was looming, yeezy released its new shoe type, the stockx yeezy 700. The new soles and contrasting colors of the upper, a departure from the previous simplicity, made the 700, originally sold only in North America, available in secondary markets around the world. The stockx yeezy Coconut 700 "Mauve" shoe uses coffee, black suede and premium leather with a gray mesh to create a very retro dad style. With a reflective heel and a three-line finish, and a stable, comfortable signature boost cushioned bottom, the look is very retro.

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