Stockx Yeezy Boost 380

  Stockx Yeezy 380 Introduces 

  As a new member of the stockx yeezy 380 franchise, the first color palette has always been highly anticipated, and with alien's versatile white and gray palette, it's likely to be a big hit when it goes on sale. The design uses a new woven texture of the upper. The mottled white and gray pattern on the upper directly makes the shoes recognizable.  The side penetration part is bold and eye-catching, and the midsole is still made of translucent rubber wrapped boost material. The midsole is thickened and the lines are designed to curve more, making it look like a running shoe product. Compared to the stockx yeezy 380 series, the overall style is similar, but the appearance adds a bit of speed and functionality.

  Stockx Yeezy Brand Source

  Stockx yeezy is a shoe line designed by kanye And mmith, not only by nike, but also by stockx Adidas. stockx yeezy, is stockx Yeezy rap first shoe. The stockx yeezy's distinctive "Y" pattern is repeated throughout the sneaker, either in a concave design or laser engraving, a pattern treatment co-designed by kanye west and smith. There's a lot of competition in the sneaker world, and the hottest shoe of recent times has to be kanye west's stockx yeezy boost line.

        Does The Stockx Yeezy 380 Oxidize

  The stockx yeezy 380 will oxidize, whether it's a stockx yeezy 380 or a  stockx yeezy 380, any stockx yeezy shoe will oxidize. It's just that dark yeezy doesn't oxidize easily, or you can't tell when it oxidizes, whereas light yeezy oxidizes easily.  Stockx yeezy 380 oxidizes when it comes into contact with air and water, all of which 

  What About Stockx Yeezy 380 Oxidation

  If it's mild oxidation, you can clean it with toothpaste, which can be whitewashed. Also can use antioxidation pen to daub additionally, after daub nevertheless oily oily bright did not have essential aesthetic feeling. If it is more serious oxidation, can only use to remove the oxidation oxidizer, oxidizer damage to shoes. Or you can send them to a shoe store to be washed and see if they can be oxidized.

  How to Prevent Ptockx Yeezy 380 From Oxidizing

  In fact, stockx yeezy 380 oxidation is inevitable, oxidation of any shoes will oxidize. If you do not want to oxidize or delay the oxidation of stockx yeezy 380, the best way is to pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance of stockx yeezy 380, do not wear stockx yeezy 380 rain or snow weather, and try not to wash. Generally refers to the oxidation is a few months or two years, the final result of oxidation is pulverization, which is unavoidable after a few years.

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